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hi there! i love your blog, i am so happy that it exists! i read that you are a massage therapist? what is one of your favorite types of massage? i am currently going to massage therapy and am absolutely in love. i am intruiged with the power of touch and have a deep desire to learn and practice reiki. i would love to hear about your career as a massage therapist and what brought you to study massage therapy. :)

The Chakra Goddess answered:

oh my, thank you so much  <3

my favorite type of my massage is myofascial release (MFR)  i actually need to receive more training in it to be able to properly practice this massage modality; however, i receive it weekly and it has been life altering.  i have another blog that is more personal than this one and attached to that main blog are a few other  theme blogs, including a massage blog, entitled All About Touch.  you can get to All About Touch from my main blog and on my massage blog i discuss MFR. i have an entry about my personal experience with MFR.

i have always been intrigued by the therapeutic power of touch. as a child, my grandmother and i had our ritual; she sitting on the edge of the bed, me behind her, playing in her hair, using my young and clumsy fingers to rub and scratch her back.  it wasn’t until i was in college, working on my BA in psychology, that i started considering the idea of becoming a massage therapist.  i remember one day i was walking through town, my back aching and my heart heavy from my overload of course work, and i saw a sign for massage.  i could only afford a half hour session, but i remember how relaxed and good i felt during and after the session.  i decided i wanted to study more about the mind-body connection, and i considered pursuing a career in massage after i completed my BA, but many of my friends were not supportive and sadly i listened to their projections and narrow minded words.  “You want to rub old, sweaty bodies all day?” was spoken by a woman i, at the time, considered to be a mentor.

so, i completed my BA and went off to graduate school, studying English and Africana studies.  i was thinking i would eventually get a PhD and teach, but i was still drawn to massage and kept coming across intriguing research, e.g., how, after the trauma of 9/11, more people went for a massage compared to people who pursued talk therapy, because many people could not find language for their pain, yet, they wanted something that was therapeutic and relaxing.  Massage offered them this.  Basically, my interest in the effects of massage on the human body and mind never faded, and it kept tapping on my shoulder; a few weeks after finishing my master’s thesis, i started massage school.

the school i attended was very spiritual based along with a good deal of science and hands-on work.  massage school was challenging, beautiful, frustrating, breath-taking: a spiritually growing experience. and i highly recommend it.

i started working out of a massage practice last april; i took and passed the NY state massage boards.  my clientele is picking up and i adore my colleagues.  i enjoy what i do and i like the flexibility of the work and my schedule.  at times it can be draining since i have to put a lot of energy into caring for others, so i have to spend a good deal of time recharging my batteries.  but shouldn’t we always be caring for ourselves? i am not trained in reiki, but i know people who are and i love it.  my advice: keep going toward your passions and don’t allow anyone to discourage you.

again, feel free to check out my other blogs, thanks for the kind words and question, keep getting bodywork and stay in touch with your dreams.  peace, love, and blessings.

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